We are...

Katarina Divjak

The only hot blondie team member Katarina is highly professional, responsible, creative and super smart lady. Fan of clean code, smart solutions and elegant design. She almost became a coolest biologist; however, she became a kick ass web designer. She giggles all the time, very often directly into your ear. Has a strange thing for a birds and has really weird love-hate relationship with ice-cream. She adores her dog Khan.

Katarina Kopčok

We doubled on Katarinas but this one has literally sailed in to the Belgrade and became amazing web designer. Kopčok has sailed the world, working on overseas boats. She brought her strong persistence and intelligence directly into the world of web design. Fan of very, I mean very clean code, seriously minimalist design and she is best in finding accurate solutions! Today, Katarina is wonder-woman-web-designer! Katarina is very talented in asking few questions at once, has a thing for stone-cold whodunit books. Always hungry!

Mina Horvat

A former musician, journalist and what not; her creative soul found its place in graphic and web design. As her colleagues, she is deeply committed and responsible. She likes graphic design and content writing parts in web design as well. Always laughing out loud for no particular reason, has thing for rodents, (she literally has a pet rabbit). Lately scared of coffee machine, shares stone-cold whodunit books with Kopčok.

Miroslav Kovačev

Miroslav Kovačev AKA “The Boss”: He is the only male team member. He is hardworking, smart and responsible. Miroslav is a fan of extreme sports such as snowboarding, skydiving and God knows what not. He is a super hero dad and hell of a web designer! Adores animations, literally likes everything that spins, fade in, fade out, jumps out, all kinds of effects. Extreme sports, animations - go figure?