Case studies

Armin Sešek, project

Armin Sešek

This was our first project. Since we are all music lovers, designing a website for violin professor was amazing experience for us. We had mutual love towards simplicity, so professor liked our first mockup. Armin wanted to present his work and biography through a website. The great challenge on this project was creating multiple web pages for different languages. Armin was lovely and very efficient client. Check out the recommendation he wrote for us!

Ceris Udruženje, project

Ceris udruženje

This was our second project - creating a website for Ceris group. Their main preoccupation is working with children and parental advising. Zorana, a psychotherapist and the founder of Ceris was amazing, very creative and positive client. She already had a vision how design should look. Great challenge for us on this project was using CSS animation for the first time, as Zorana wanted to have moving circles on her website. Although we had animation on the site, the design has remained simple. Through this website, Zorana, wanted to present work of Ceris group and their creative workshops. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with Zorana and after all she became a great friend to all members of Three and one design team.

Dea dia, project

Dea dia

This was a final project in school of web design Krojac, where we all enrolled and met each other. We worked on the site with five more students, colleagues (their names are in footer of Dea Dia website). Dea Dia is a famous club band from Belgrade. Lead vocals from the band, Svetlana and Juliana, presented us their idea. It was interesting to have a complete freedom in design, since the only directions we received were the colors the client had chosen. Adventure on this project was creating sound wave animation. You can check out this super-duper website by clicking the link on our work page!